Frequently Asked Questions
+What is cCloud TV?

cCloud TV is a cloud based social IPTV service. cCloud TV doesn't host any of streams, neither do we have control over when the streams go online or offline. All IPTV links are submitted by users. These links can be found anywhere on the web.

+Why does flash player have “srcnotfound” error on some of the channels?

“srcnotfound” occurs either because the stream is offline or have cross domain policy issue, which causes flash player not to play all of the stream. If you are using windows, mac, or linux, we recommend you to use “vlc” web plugin because it is more stable than flash player.

+Why am I only seeing less than 100 channels?

This issue can occur as a result of a slow internet connection or issues with the browser’s cache. To resolve, please refresh the page a couple of times or clear your browser’s cache. If the problem persist, upgrade your connection speed.

+How can I contribute to cCloud TV?

You can help the project by simply replacing offline channel links with working links. All you will need is a computer and the ability to copy and paste. Click here for a step-by-step guide. If you get stuck, please feel free to send us an email at

+Why does Chromecast have issues with casting?

Due to cross domain policy issue, some streams won't be able to cast in that situation. Please try a different channel. We will be working on a fix soon.

+Why do some of the streams have no sound?

Please clear your browser's cache.

+Why is the website stuck on loading?

This issue may be caused by a slow internet connection. Try refreshing your browser, making sure your JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. You can also try using a different browser.

+Why is cCloud TV only compatible with m3u8 and mp4 links?

cCloud TV supports multiple platforms, such as Kodi, Plex, and Web app. These platforms support m3u8 and mp4. Support for other video codes will be added soon.

+ Where can I request for channels?

No need to send requests. Simply upload any IPTV link that you want to watch, using public uploads at If you need help, please feel free to chat with the community at

+Why are plex and kodi constantly updating?

This is because every thirty minutes to an hour, data is synced by the cCloud TV framework, so as to validate working IPTV links and newly uploaded links.

+Will there be any type of fee for the service? Do you accept donations?

The service has been free and will always be free. We will never ask for donations, especially since the service is run by users. We just build the tool for users to build a stable IPTV service.

+Where can I find IPTV links?

IPTV links can be found anywhere on the web. We recommend searching with either Google or Pastebin.

+What is the best way to search for channels?

You can simply use search to find the channel of your choice.

+How do I access the special event channel?

Using the public uploads, select "special event" (applicable to all supported platforms). The special event channel will show up on top of the list,

+Are there restrictions on uploads?

No restrictions at all; so long as the links are online and in the right category.

+Who founded cCloud?

cCloud was founded by Bane, but has been greatly supported by the community and developers like CA and Podgod, who continue to keep the service running by uploading IPTV links.