Just an FYI cCloud is just cloud based media links sharing system. Where we make streaming media links easy for the users to stream on almost any device. We have no control over the media links that can be found anywhere on the internet. However we do give the users 100% control over the media links where users just like you can help yourself to watch any channel you want without having to do much.

Most asked question is why specific channel have buffering issue or stops working after x amount of time well the issue is caused by third party media server where some of the servers have traffic limit where the servers can kick out some of the users without notice which is NOT an issue with cCloud since we are just provide database for media links.

If specific channel is not working or if there is a channel that you DONOT see on the channels list, You the users have 100% control over replacing media link for your favorite channel. Please note we do have DMCA policy requests removal system where we do respect the copyrights holders. We can take down media links when copyright holders do requests their media links to be taken down. We are NOT cable providers. We DONOT host any of the content found on cCloud platform. Media links found on cCloud are all hosted on third party media servers where we have NO control over them which are shared on the internet by users just like you.

If you didn't know cCloud stands for Community Cloud which is built by the community for the community. The service is free for everyone without ads or signups and is available for any platform using cCloud TV web app,Plex,Kodi,Emby, Roku and many more devices where our goal is to make streaming media links simplified. We are NOT doing this for any profit. The cCloud community spends most of their personal time to make cCloud TV service better by sharing their personal favorite media links with entire community using cloud based solution provided by cCloud.

We have built self serve cloud based IPTV service where users like you can do a lot to improve the service. So let's say If there is a channel showing wrong status for specific media links found on website, then you can use reporting channel feature to report the media link so media link can have correct status. We won't be able to do much besides that reason is because this is community based project so if there is a channel you DONOT see on the list like said above, Please feel free to upload media links on cCloud by simply following step by step instructions at where the only skills you will need are just copy and paste.

Following are instructions youtube links videos so you can understand how everything works visually.

What is cCloud CHC IPTV project?

How to update or fix existing channel?

How to upload channels on cCloud?

How to report channels?

How to become cCloud sweeper?

How test RTMP links?

How to upload tokens?

Please note If you are not seeing the full channel list on any of the devices or if channels list is blank on any of the platforms, Please go to to see if any of the servers are offline. If all servers are up and running, Please make sure you are using latest versions of cCloud Tv for web, Plex,Kodi,Emby or Roku. If issue still exists, Please feel free to inbox me here.Please forgive me for any grammar errors thanks :)